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I was born on November 6, 1949. Until I was seventeen I grew up as a 'parakeet' in my parents' 'protective cage'. In my youth I behaved like a young researcher. I was inspired by inventors like Einstein. In my adolescence I chose a 'moving world view' that I wished to adapt to include new experiences.


My second phase of life started after I left the parental home to study civil engineering in Delft. I conformed to student life and behaved like a blackbird in a flock of resident birds. Besides my studies I was active in the student movement. Freedom fighters like Gandhi and Mandela were my role models. I also gained leadership experience as a member of five boards. I started my career as a university lecturer at TU Delft and then as a planner at the Province of South Holland. I was less successful in building intimate relationships. At the age of thirty-five I had already experienced two failed marriages.


An Astrology course gave me a new view of humanity, with which I started a third, now successful relationship. I now lived like a stork, which can cover great distances. I had learned to bridge differences, which also served me well in my work, now that I was taking on a leadership role. I followed a post-academic course as a Master of Public Administration at the Dutch School for Public Administration.


In my spare time I developed my intuition by making sailing trips. I recognized my clairvoyant gift in meditations. At the age of 49 I saw myself in a meditation as the architect of an Egyptian pyramid. Since then I carry a kind of 'antenna' with me. I get a tingling sensation in my neck when I experience a 'Higher' truth in a conversation or an event. I lived like an eagle, which has its nest high in the mountains, but also descends to Earth to do relief work. I became a "servant leader." In my work I was given senior managerial positions from a year later, first in the municipality of Rotterdam and then in Gouda. I retired at the age of sixty-two. Until the age of sixty-eight I passed on my work experience as a consultant at the BMC agency and as a teacher at the NCOI training institute. Together with my wife I made three large sea voyages with our sailing yacht to Saint Petersburg, around England and to the Norwegian fjords. In addition, I published a book 'Discover your Great Power' about my life experiences and trained as a professional Astrologer. 


The fifth phase in my life began at the age of 68, after in a meditation I saw myself as a Phoenix, who has overcome the fear of death and rises from its own ashes. I moved from Gouda to Hoofddorp to live close to my children and grandchildren and to give them more attention. I am involved in interpreting birth horoscopes and coaching clients with life questions. In addition, I immerse myself in everything that has meaning for personal growth and spiritual development. I give lectures and prepare publications about my discoveries. I have exchanged my sailing yacht for a caravan, which allows me to enjoy the tranquility of a natural environment and gain inspiration for my work. I became a member of the national astrological association ASAS and the spiritual association Aquarius in Amsterdam. I also work as a volunteer at Hospice Bardo in Hoofddorp. Using my pendulum I communicate with my spirit guides and write a book about dimensions of consciousness: 'Growing Consciousness'. 


I am currently in the sixth phase of my life. I am now 73 years old and connected to all levels of consciousness. With my guide I am writing my book 'Our Divine Consciousness'. It contains soul symbols by Hadewych Gerlof. She also offered me this new logo (see https://itss-creation.com/spiritueel-logo-design/). It is a flat version of a pyramid, all sides of which are in the shape of an equilateral triangle. The dot in the center is my soul, which expresses itself in four ways: in Feeling, in Mind, in Heaven and on Earth. I balance all four with each other. My assignment in this phase of life is to 'descend' more and pay attention to the great transformation on Earth. I have joined Dennis Karpes' 'Imaginal Cells' initiative to empower youth worldwide,