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INSPIRING BOOKS for your journey of discovery to new insights into yourself and the world around you


Dutch versions available. English versions in progress


DISCOVER YOUR GREAT POWER, life as a journey of discovery 


What is important in your life? What happened? How did you experience it? What did you learn from it? 

The book 'Discover your great power, life as a journey of discovery' summarizes in ten key statements what I have learned in my life and is a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to discover their own Great Power.

Ever feel like you're in a five-speed car, but can't get past third? You have all kinds of ideas about what you would like in your life, but it doesn't come true? Tired of blaming others for that and want to do something about it yourself? Then this book is written for you. it's about how you can let your life energy flow. It shows how profoundly your life changes from the moment you choose to look for the solution within yourself and become aware of your unique character, your talents and the cosmic help that is offered to you. 

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GROWING CONSCIOUSNESS, a sustainable society in the sixth dimension






Consciousness is wisdom gained from experience. It creates our image of humanity, our worldview and our vision of faith. It is a frequency band of energy built up in dimensions. It grows through problem solving. Consciousness is immortal, the divine within us.


The book 'Growing Consciousness, a sustainable society in the sixth dimension' shows us how our consciousness has gained momentum, from which we can derive hope for a loving and sustainable future, and how we can give direction to our lives.  


Do you long for a sustainable society and are you looking for a successful way to contribute to it? This book shows you how to respond effectively to what is going on. It shows that the collective consciousness, the average consciousness of all adult humans on Earth, has been growing extraordinarily fast since the spring of 2020. In a year's time we have moved from the third dimension to the fifth and we are now growing further to the sixth dimension. The expansion of consciousness leads to a change of our ideal of freedom from egocentric and individualistic to loving and together.In mid-2020, the continuous decrease in the Bovis value, a measure of the energetic quality and thus the quality of life on Earth, also came to an end in mid-2020. The increase that has started since then has already completely reversed the decline from the beginning of our era. Within a few years we will notice that our natural environment is improving strongly. 

# leadership, # sustainability, # consciousness, # personal growth, # spirituality .


OUR DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS, a journey of discovery towards unconditional love and universal creative power

This book is for those who are looking for higher layers of consciousness, to be able to contribute more to the creation of a loving and sustainable world. It guides us through all dimensions of consciousness, each with its own learning task and with the corresponding view of man, world view and religious vision. What we discover, we have always carried with us in our DNA. Step by step we bring it up from our subconscious. In the first dimension we only use 2% of our DNA, in the highest dimension we have our full potential, the divine within ourselves.

# leadership, # sustainability, # consciousness, # personal growth, # spirituality.