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We are not alone in our lives. Everyone has several personal guides from the spirit world, who offer help in various ways on our life path. Even if we are not aware of this, we receive help to cope with our life's challenges. However, our guides can help us even better when we consciously come into contact with one of our guides and can communicate with them in understandable language. The conscious use of the help of guides can take place in various ways. I know people who, when faced with important life questions, take their attention away from their mind and turn inward, to their inner voice, and then are helped by their guides to answer. They don't know their guides by name. Some people are able to see their guide with their eyes open. Others know them by name and literally hear their voice, whether or not during a meditation with closed eyes. 

I myself maintain contact with my spirit guide using a pendulum. This guide made herself known to me at a family gathering because one of those present saw her figure standing next to me and pointed it out to me. Then I turned my attention inwards and intuitively heard her name. Since then I've been getting tips from her about questions I can put to her with my pendulum. At her request, I am not giving her name, because she would like to stay under the radar with her work. 

Our guides help us open our channel to the divine. They give us cosmic inspiration. Willfulness and fear slip from us. When we allow ourselves to be guided by the wisdom of our guide, we radiate a quality of being that draws others to us like a magnet. We take courage from our life experiences and from the ability to learn from them. We use this courage to consciously take risks and openly and honestly stand up for our truth. We clear blocks within ourselves by declaring ourselves willing to accept all that is within us and by recognizing all our emotions as a potential force. We give space to our personal growth by allowing for change, which arises from new insights. Then an inner transformation starts, through which opposites integrate into our character. Then we will discover that what attracts us in other people, we carry in ourselves. We surrender to secret disires, which have not dared tot admit till now.