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Roel: Gerrit is a person with a lot of depth and life experience. I have come to know him as someone who carries a special combination of a more rational past, a strong mental present and a spiritual future in which he continues to develop. His own path indicates that he is eminently capable of helping you, at your own pace and in your personal way, to take steps that give you more satisfaction and clarify your place in a greater whole.

Cor: We have been friends for about 50 years now, so I have experienced your development up close, from a socially involved student to a spiritual coach now. I appreciate your critical and open attitude in conversations, and I love how you regularly, through a question or comment, can give my thoughts a new direction. When I come to you with a question, you dive right in with your pendulum. Your advice seems to be working well. I remember you drew up a relationship horoscope for us, which gave me new insights. Through your book and conversations you have stimulated me to be active spiritually myself. I am grateful for that.

André: I know Gerrit as someone who can analyze thoroughly and be critical without breaking down. Family members have been able to take a better look at themselves through his horoscope explanation and have taken steps to live smarter, ie to invest energy in the most relevant aspects of their lives. Thanks to Gerrit, I too have taken steps that I never thought possible before. My sincere thanks for showing me a new personal development path. 

Maya: Gerrit has a broad knowledge of earthly and spiritual matters. He gives a clear explanation about your question or the purpose of your visit. Gerrit gives you information that he receives through the Divine intervention. He tells you what is important for you to know right now and the underlying meaning, so that you can take the next step in your personal growth!

Rob: For years I thought there was more, that things are and were meant to be. However, I remained more or less suspicious until I came into contact with Gerrit. He drew my horoscope. Then those things turned out to be true. He explains things patiently and accurately.

Maggie: You've been my coach for seven years. It started with help finding work. You asked me to write my life story, so that you could connect with my world and my talents. You helped me to form a more positive self-image. Later you also made me a birth chart, which gave me a much better understanding of my character. Based on that, you helped me in my search for a new relationship. New insights were discussed in every conversation, which have greatly promoted my personal growth. Thank you very much for that.