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Karin: We first got in touch five years ago. I had been unemployed for more than half a year and you helped me with my application letters and preparing for the interviews. Even more important than the practical tips was the mental support you gave me. If you have to deal with disappointment time after time during job applications, it is very important that you keep believing in yourself. You were my support and refuge in that. Later on, our conversations about spirituality were also added. You made a birth chart, which deepened and strengthened my self-image enormously. Gerrit, I am very grateful for your mentorship and birth chart. This gives me recognition and awareness, so that I get to know myself better every day and I am increasingly able to lead an authentic life.

Jan Chris: Thanks to the conversations with Gerrit after reading "Discover your Great Power" and "Growing Consciousness" I learned to better understand the order and coherence of various levels of reality experience. In particular, I learned to trust the gifts of my intuition, which I now consider to be one of my most important senses. I know I owe this remarkable transfer of knowledge and insight in part to the warmth of our friendship, which dates back to our earliest high school years.

Nico: I got to know Gerrit in different ways: as a friend, storyteller, writer and coach. Meetings with him are always open, lively and interesting. I would like to recall a special experience. Because I regularly suffered from anxious moods in the morning, he guided me through a regression session to find out a cause. That session was a special experience, not only because I was shown images of the seventeenth century, but also because I experienced Gerrit as an expert coach: well prepared, open, calm and a good observer.