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Key 1: Befriending with your fear
Fear is part of life. Denying or fighting it won't help. Embrace your fear and it will transform into love.


Key 2: Recognizing Yourself and Your Needs
We sell ourselves short when we try to meet the expectations of others. You can only come into your power if you live from your own character.


Key 3: Using love as a sustainable energy source
Love is more than being nice and expecting the same in return. Love is the inexhaustible universal energy source, which we can let flow through us. The power of love conquers all.


Key 4: Letting go of obstructing beliefs
In our world, rational thinking predominates. Expand your window on the world, so that there is also room for intuitive experiences. The bigger you expand your worldview, the more new life experiences can shine their light into you.


Key 5: Bridging Contradictions in Relationships
Relationships can help you bridge contradictions within your own character. Develop a good relationship with yourself, your parents, your friends, your partner. Find inspiration, complement, recognition and acknowledgment in your relationships.


Key 6: Listening to your inner voice
Choose a life 'from the inside out'. Shield yourself from useless information from your environment. Meditate regularly. You will notice that this makes you feel better and better in your energy.


Key 7: Becoming aware of your life mission.
Before you came to earth, your soul already chose your life purpose. As long as you deviate from this path you will encounter all kinds of resistance, which will disappear once you have found your true course.


Key 8: Finding your balance in your work.
If you have found the work in which you can develop, you will get at least as much energy back as you put into it.


Key 9: Ask for help from the Universe.
The entire Universe is ready to help you. You just need to ask for it from the bottom of your heart.


Key 10: Allow unforseeable circumstances in your life. 

Let it go! Stop wanting to control everything in your life by yourself. You will notice that help is coming to you from all directions.