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In the cycle of our current and past lives, we gain numerous life experiences, through which we develop a growing understanding of the world and humanity. Step by step our conscience grows. Growing conscience is expressed in higher levels of love, wisdom and creativity. We find this by using a growing part of our DNA. Consciousness grows in an ever-increasing bandwidth of vibrational frequencies. The total bandwidth is divided into dimensions of consciousness.

The first dimension of consciousness has a bandwidth of 0.4 to 1.0 Hertz. From birth we all start our lives in the first dimension. We use only 2% of our DNA. We learn to stand up for ourselves, but we don't take into account the consequences of what we do. Leadership from this dimension is authoritarian.

The second dimension of consciousness has a bandwidth of 1.1 to 4.9 Hertz. We use 3% of our DNA. We learn the connection between cause and effect. However, we do not yet see our own role. Conflicts are always blamed on others. Leadership is manipulative.

The third dimension of consciousness has a bandwidth of 5.3 to 10.3 Hertz. We use 4% of our DNA. We learn to see our own role. In this dimension we begin to discover love, but only for ourselves. Leadership is exercised based on expertise.

The fourth dimension of consciousness has a bandwidth of 12.3 to 25.1 Hertz. We use 6% of our DNA. Now we activate our right hemisphere and we come into contact with our intuition. Our love now also extends to our neighbor. This dimension creates connecting leadership.

The fifth dimension of consciousness has a bandwidth of 29.6 to 65.4 Hertz. We use 8% of our DNA. We are now beginning to make contact with our spirit world guides and receive innovative ideas from them. We also activate a much larger part of our DNA. Leadership takes on a serving character.

The sixth dimension has a bandwidth of 68 to 148 Hertz. We use 10% of our DNA. We become aware of the basic forms and of our world and the coherence in the Universe. This is where nature-connected leadership arises.

The seventh dimension has a bandwidth of 150 to 320 Hertz. We use 13% of our DNA. We learn to experience the unity in ourselves and in the Cosmos. It is the dimension of spiritual leadership. 

The eighth dimension has a bandwidth of 322 to 637 Hertz. We use 16%of our DNA. We learn to balance wisdom with love.


The ninth dimension has a bandwidth of 640 to 1155 Hertz. We use 20% of our DNA. We learn tot understand the laws of the Universe.

The tenth dimension of consciousness has a bandwidth of 1170 to 1864 Hertz. We use 24% of our DNA. We learn to combine religion with science, developing a shift to an enormous creating power. 


The eleventh dimension of conscioueness had a bandwith from 1908 to 3612 Hertz. We use 28% of our DNA. We leave behind every influence of others en develop our own path of  further conscious growing.


The twelfth dimension of consciousness has a bandwidth from 3812 to 5160 Hertz. We use 34% of our DNA. Now we can make giant laps forward, creating complete new perspectives.

There are thirteen more higher dimensions, in which we gradually can get in contact with de remaining part of our DNA. This is the domain of the world teachers, such as Lao Tzu, Confucius, Plato, Moses, Krishnamurti, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. 

In total there are 25 dimensions of consciousness.